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Filmography and Cinematography

Babette Mangolte (US born in France) is an experimental filmmaker and a photographer who is know internationally and lives in New York.

Among her most recent films, Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramović had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007. She shot two films about the choreographies of Yvonne Rainer, AG Indexical in 2007 and RoS Indexical in 2008. She also shot Trisha Brown’s choreography Roof Piece on the High Line (shot in 2011 and edited in 2012), Her most recent film,Edward Krasiński’s Studio, was filmed in Warsaw in 2011 and edited in 2012 and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013. She also completed in 2012 a film shot in 1988 and 1991 of Patricia Patterson Paintings.

Mangolte recently shot two short films in 2014 Steve Paxton at DIA:BEACON and Je, Nous, I or Eye, Us and is now working on the editing of a new feature shot in Bruxelles in April 2015.

Her recent installations are Presence (Berlin Biennale, 2008),Rushes (Cologne, 2009) and How to look… 2010 (Whitney Museum of American Art, Biennale 2010). She recently completed an installation about the color green at VOX in Montreal Éloge du Vert in 2013. She completed an important installation TOUCHING III at Inhotim, Bela Horizonte in Brazil in fall 2013 and did a new installation at the Whitney museum for Rituals of Rented Island a performance show curated by Jay Sanders in 2013.

Mangolte is interested in creating architectural spaces, which propose various mode of interactivity for the spectators with the photographs, films and texts shown in her installations.

Mangolte is also known for her photographic archive, which documents the experimental theater, dance and performance scene of the 1970s and 1980s.

She also has published essays, theorizing her practice as a filmmaker and as a photographer and has written about technological transformations in film with the advent of digital. For further details check:

Linda Patton in What Maisie Knew, film by Babette Mangolte

Delphine Seyrig in Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080, Bruxelles, film by Chantal Akerman (Gros Plan/CU)

Delphine Seyrig in Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080, Bruxelles, film by Chantal Akerman (Plan d'ensemble/LS)


"What Maisie Knew"
Beaubourg Museum, Paris, France
New York Public Library, Donnell Branch, New York
National Library of Australia, Canberra

"The Camera: Je"
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Institut National de l'Audio Visuel, Paris, France

Barcelona, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) 2009

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France 2010
Tate Modern, London, UK. 2011

RUSHES installation with photographs, film loop, objects and texts posted on the wall, 2009
Ludwig Museum, Cologne

How to look… 2010 Installation with photographs, a film loop and texts made for Whitney Biennial 2010 Acquired by Tate Modern , London, UK 2011

Photographs Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain 2012

TOUCHING III with Collage III , Installation made of two tables with photographs that can be manipulated by the public, from the theater work of Richard Foreman in the 1970s, the performance work of Stuart Sherman and portraits of New Yorkers during the same period (1970s/1980s)
INHOTIM, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2013. To be installed in October 2013


Directed/Produced/Photographed & Edited by Babette Mangolte


1975 What Maisie Knew 58 min. 16mm B&W

1976 (Now) (Maintenant entre parentheses) 10 min. 16mm color

1977 The Camera: Je (La Camera: I) 88 min. 16mm Color

1978 Water Motor 9min. 16mm B&W - Choreography: Trisha Brown

1979 There? Where? 8min. 16mm Color

1980 The Cold Eye (My Darling be Careful) 90min. 16mm B&W

1982 The Sky on Location 78min. 16mm Color

1991 Visible Cities 31 min. 16mm Color

1993 Four Pieces by Morris 94 min. 16mm Color - Choreography: Robert Morris

1995-99 Dismantle(an essay on photography) 16mm Color in progress

2000 Homemade, 6 min. Super 8mm/Digi Beta Choreography: Trisha Brown

2003 Les Modèles de Pickpocket, 89 minutes Digi Beta PAL 16:9

2004 Roof and Fire Piece, 31 minutes, Choreography: Trisha Brown 1973, DVD, ArtPix

2007  Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abaramović

2007 Yvonne Rainer’s AG Indexical with  alittel help from H.M.

2008 Yvonne Rainer’s RoS Indexical 2010 Slide Shoq

2012 Roof Piece on the High Line

2012 Patricia Patterson Paintings

2012 Edward Krasiński’s Studio

2012 Homemade (choreography Trisha Brown, danced by Vicki Shick)


Director of Photography (selection)


1971 "L'Automne" Marcel Hanoun 90min. 16mm B&W

1972 "Lives of Performers" Yvonne Rainer 90min. 16mm B&W

"The Room" Chantal Akerman 10min. 16mm Color

"Hotel Monterey" Chantal Akerman 100min. 16mm Color

1973 "Film About a Woman Who..." Yvonne Rainer 90min. 16mm B&W

"Rameau's Nephew" Michael Snow 210min. 16mm Color co-credit

1981 "The Gold Diggers" Sally Potter 85min. 35mm B&W

1982 "Borneo Playback: A Sabah Story" Carol Kreeger Davidson
90min. Videotape

1983 "Hotel New York" Jackie Raynal 60min. 16mm Color

1984 "Un Jour Pina a demande..." Chantal Akerman 60min.16mmColor

1986 "Routines Pleasures" Jean Pierre Gorin 81min. B&W/Color (DP & co-editor)

"Fire in the East: a Portrait of Robert Frank"
Philip Brookman and Amy Brookman 29min. Beta SP

1987 "Artist on Fire" Kay Armatage 60min. 16mm Color

"Radio Rick in Heaven and Radio Richard in Hell" Richard Foreman 14min.B&W

"Lenz" JoAnn Akailitis 15min. 16mm B&W

1988 "The Road to Damascus (Life of Saint Paul of Tarse)"
Ludovic Segarra 35mm 100min. Color (France)

1991 "My Crazy Life" Jean Pierre Gorin 100 min. 16mm Color

1993 "Central Park" Sande Zeig 9 min. 16mm B&W

1994-95 “Robert Wilson, Visionary of the Theater” CD-ROM project, Riverbed (Paul Kaiser, New York)

1998-2003 “The Interview” Ross Lipman 16mm/35mm Color

2004 “Project Lygia Clark” with Suely Rolnik (in progress) Digital Video PAL

Film Documentation

1976 Robert Rauschenberg exhibition show at the Smithsonian Institute, National Gallery of Fines Arts, Washington D.C.
1978 Robert Rauschenberg show ("Works from Captiva") Vancouver Canada

Video Documentation
1985 "The Making of Lateral Pass" choreography by Trisha Brown, music by Peter Zummo, set design by Nancy Graves, Minneapolis (Unedited footage)


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